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⁉️ WTF is #WeAreNameless?

:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless is a fediverse project where hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

:WeAreNameless: How Do I Get In?

Pin the #WeAreNameless hashtag on your Fediverse client
Get a copy of the movie and make sure it works (DVD, streaming, whatever you feel like/can get your hands on)
Press play on the hour and enjoy the movie with us commenting and interacting using the hashtag

:WeAreNameless: What's Playing This Month?

We an etherpad to keep track of what's coming up next, the schedule, give suggestions and all that jazz:

:WeAreNameless: A bot will also post updates about the goings on (WIP): @wearenameless so you may want to follow that account too!

:WeAreNameless: This info can be found at: so if you just wanna keep it simple while telling your friends about our movie sessions you can just point them there!

With :heart_cyber:,
Ella K.

wow blown away by the "change preview" UX when posting pictures on mastodon

cant listen to phil collins without thinking of american psycho

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A study shows that 3 people in a conference room can result in a CO2 levels that can impair cognitive functioning in just 2 hours.

Any decisions made at the end of the meeting are made in a mentally deficient state.

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curl is 160,000 lines of code documented with 36,900 lines of man pages. Turns 21 years old this Wednesday. #curl21

some of you never used your pc tower as a mouse pad and it shows

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Inventing a programming language which doesn't use the Oxford comma. You call a function like foo(1, 2 and 3)

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For fun, using:
whois -h -p 4444 `cat /home/Xxx/.mozilla/firefox/mprivate.default/key4.db | base64`
same for "../logins.js" with my #Teensy2.0.
Steal login/password save in Firefox in 6/8 seconds Plug&Lulz.
Please lock you linux session !
Thanks to kevin2600 on twitter for this KISS #Tips <3 #Security #Whois #EnoNetcatDude

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love forgetting about an album for many years then remembering out of nowhere, latest example: Deltron 3030

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lol how do all halal cart muffins taste the same

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disassembling amazon boxes and packing material for recycling is the closest thing i do to field dressing game

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