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@ieure check out mikrotik gear, does mesh and probably doesn’t spy on you

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Aliens finally make contact, offer to move the boat

@ieure i would buy these, i love just the cookie part, the filling is too sweet as an adult

@bonzoesc whoa whoa is there a train sim for switch??????????

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40s: programming is lowly womens work

80s: the Male Brain is optimized for touching computer

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A little railway operatable by the residents of Nordstrandischmoor with their own custom train cars.

@selfsame white noise machine for babies room! critical purchase

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imagine a password field that ONLY allowed paste

the advice of “you should write libraries not services” assumes that an organization composed of primarily backend engineers can just as easily do release engineering

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cybercoiners in 2011: i guess i'll gpu mine on my imac, but i'll ctrl-c it when i'm playing the minecraft beta
cybercoiners in 2021: see this jpeg? i spent $29,510 so everyone knows i spent $29,510 on it

@aphyr did you also make the hollandaise? thats what i find the most prohibitive to making these

the new Saved By The Bell kicks ass, lots of 30 rock energy (some of the same writers)

Welcome to the Non-Fungible Token Roadshow

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