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love when i get on a good programming tear on this loud ass keyboard

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After many people asked Keybase to support Mastodon profiles, Keybase has designed an API to allow more platforms on their service, and prepared a demo patch for how it could work with Mastodon.

To avoid a conflict of interest, I have asked Keybase to stop their Patreon pledge to Mastodon, refunded all of their pledges so far (the $200/mo for your logo on tier), and removed their logo from


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this box of cereal perfectly describes my own human event loop

charging my dell laptop with a macbook charger and my nintendo switch with my dell charger, the future is here

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This shit is insane

Description: a centrifuge made of a fidget spinner

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My friend on Mastodon: this looks like bootleg twitter

Me: exactly and that’s why it’s so great

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facebook splitting up the word “sponsored” to sneak past adblockers

definitely not used to how sunny brooklyn gets ☀️ is the only OS X application i consistently miss from linux

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If you ever think you have poor judgement, please remember that the 1908 editor of Puck magazine thought this image was a sick burn against suffragettes.

love how this video i took came out, it’s the B express line from DeKalb Ave to 86th St

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This is how one of my friends back in Venezuela is surviving. #bitcoin


lmao if your coffee isn’t farmed by ex guerilla soldiers

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