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My neighborhood has been putting up scarecrows but for COVID-19 and until I realized what was going on I thought I'd accidentally stumbled into some kind of survival horror cult thing where a demonic force was compelling people to construct ever-more-terrifying idols for worship

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tom nook watching me pull another 200,000 bells out of the atm to buy turnips while i’ve got a 2.5m loan balance

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"gonna do some pentesting today" says i

"oh no" says the IT staff

"oh yes" says i, pushing a pen through a laptop

oooo this is nice, always annoying subnetting a vpc manually

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My TODO list just pinged me to book tickets for the season. Sigh.

early 2000’s paul oakenfold really puts me in a computing mood

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A simulation of sunflower growth. Each new seed is pushed out from the center at a fixed angle α from the previous seed. Spiral patterns emerge; for the "best" values of α, if we count the spirals, we get Fibonacci numbers. (1/4) #mathart


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milk tea spots have that distinct smell,
like ice cream shops

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spending $40 on a phone charger is better than addressing closely held masculinity issues

OH: new york city is the only place in the world where an iranian and a cuban could bond so deeply about italian food

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