my talk about integrating React.js and Shiny is up! i've had loads of fun working on this and sharing progress was exhilarating

i didn't learn about this until recently, now i use it all the time: `git diff --cached` to see a diff of what you've staged for commit

Hey #Lisp #CommonLisp people - I'd like to give a shoutout to @jackdaniel who is one of the maintainers of Embeddable Common Lisp and McCLIM and a very active Lisp hacker (see for details).

He just opened up a Patreon at - if you'd like to support the amazing Lisp work he does, throw a few bucks his way!

got enough runtime in place to start on code generation for my hobby browser

rambled some on HN about why i don't necessarily need static types to manage large projects

a little behind, but day 9 of was the most fun one so far. and i got to use 2 very cool macros, prog1 and psetf!

this looks like a great blog post series on various features that are slightly off the beaten path

Windows PowerShell has quite a few interesting ideas in it

having an innovative hairstyle is difficult, but going to sleep with damp hair is one way

a weird alternative to sinks and paper towels in public bathrooms would be (recyclable?) nitrile gloves. downside: nitrile non-conductive, no touch screens

i have had this thinkpad x220 tablet in my possession for about 24 hrs and it is already my fav computer of all time, surpassing even the previous champ, 12" powerbook

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