finally have a very rough draft of a paper about JACL, my , for ELS. check it out, thanks in advance for feedback!

the stuff on youtube. wow. here's a video from IBM research in 1989, Backus's team presenting a compiler in for the language FL

making slow but exciting progress populating JACL's COMMON-LISP package; code is decreasingly implementation-dependent 🎊

i've started on a scientific paper about my Common JACL thanks to encouragement and support from Robert Strandh and the SICL community. great folks, and writing is super fun

i'm intrigued by the pinebook pro: the $200 price and fanlessness in particular

A friend of mine (not on the fediverse, sorry) has restored an old reed organ at our hackerspace:

Please forgive the cameraperson (me) for janky movements and at one point putting a finger over the camera. 😝

compiler dev really starting to heat up now that i have a REPL🔥

2020 is the year of Linux on the Desktop because only GNU/Linux users run desktop machines anymore

dfs-based topological sort in common, i thought the technique was explained really well by i needed this for my emacs config of all things 😂 i did dfs instead of kahn because i did kahn in once

you know, advent of code is a blast, but i think i'll pass this year. i have too many other fun things i'd like to work on instead. in , of course

decided to use mastodon for all my related toots and twitter for everything else

something of a milestone, the first factorial! tagbody isn't fully working, it still needs to detect if GO is closed over and use an exception-throwing strategy instead of a continue to a label. !prefixed things are temp dynamically linked functions in impl package just for testing

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