A friend of mine (not on the fediverse, sorry) has restored an old reed organ at our hackerspace:


Please forgive the cameraperson (me) for janky movements and at one point putting a finger over the camera. 馃槤

compiler dev really starting to heat up now that i have a REPL馃敟

2020 is the year of Linux on the Desktop because only GNU/Linux users run desktop machines anymore

dfs-based topological sort in common gist.github.com/alandipert/af7, i thought the technique was explained really well by youtube.com/watch?v=yV8gPO5nTz. i needed this for my emacs config of all things 馃槀 i did dfs instead of kahn because i did kahn in once gist.github.com/alandipert/126

you know, advent of code is a blast, but i think i'll pass this year. i have too many other fun things i'd like to work on instead. in , of course

decided to use mastodon for all my related toots and twitter for everything else

something of a milestone, the first factorial! tagbody isn't fully working, it still needs to detect if GO is closed over and use an exception-throwing strategy instead of a continue to a label. !prefixed things are temp dynamically linked functions in impl package just for testing

OH: "drones that deliver small packages using the sewage system"

realized my disney prince costume doubles as a dictator costume

an abridged list of important things: gratitude, honesty, wonder, optimism. slap bass. cheese. kindness

soon it'll be possible to handle SIGUSR1 signal from vimscript github.com/vim/vim/pull/1718 馃憤

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